Masterminds of beauty branding, development, and distribution comprise Lighthouse Beauty, an unprecedented cross-channel collaboration harnessing the power of celebrity like never before.

Uniting the managers of high-profile celebrities with developers and distributors of luxury fragrances, the venture represents a novel 360° approach to translating the unique appeal of celebrity into a brand, giving consumers a piece of their favorite stars.

Lighthouse Beauty is a vertically integrated company that provides turnkey solutions for today’s beauty market. Our passion is to develop and distribute brands globally by bringing together talent acquisition capabilities, beauty marketing/branding creativity, cutting-edge manufacturing and distribution.

Our partnerships make an indelible impression on the fragrance and beauty industry, creating a long-term strategy of star power and beauty development. We capture the celebrity in our products in a way that is simultaneously accessible and apparitional because of our unique approach.

Our strategy also represents a return to the classic way of developing and distributing a fragrance, with an emphasis on the formulas and the packaging.

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