Confidence is the key to power. Empowerment gives you strength to make things happen—things you didn’t think were possible. This attitude is 50 Cent’s secret to success.

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With the release of his fourth major album, Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent proves once again that his determination to put the street in the spotlight is matched by no other. To date, he has earned 13 Grammy nominations and sold over 25 million copies of his albums.

He has appeared in several Hollywood films alongside notable actors such as Robert De Niro, Samuel L. Jackson, Val Kilmer and Sharon Stone.

While writing his new album Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent wrote a script for a film of the same name. It is a coming-of-age story about an inner city youth raised by a single mother. 50 stars in the movie and debuts as a director.

His autobiography Pieces of Weight is a New York Times best seller.

His latest book is The 50th Law, co-authored with Robert Greene, best-selling author of The 48 Laws of Power.

The 50th Law profiles 50’s life on the streets and in the boardroom, as well as others who have overcome adversity.

In addition to his artistic achievements 50 has had enormous global success in a variety of entrepreneurial ventures.

Reebok sneakers line

Formula 50 Vitman Water created with Glaceau

A clothing company

With a humble stance and unparalleled dedication, 50 has pledged to do whatever he can to “fix things” that he has first-hand knowledge of.

50 is on the Board of Directors of the G-Unity Foundation, which provides grants to nonprofit organizations that focus on improving the quality of life for low-income and under-served communities. Its goals are to emphasize the critical importance of supporting academic institutions, the academic enrichment of children and after school activities.

G-Unity Foundation re-gifts 100% of its donations – working with no organization overhead.

$.50 from each sneaker sold to charity—totaling over $2mm to date

$10k donation with each vitamin water appearance donated to Boys & Girls Club

In collaboration with Bette Midler and NYRP partners with community-based groups, 50 aids in restoring and developing community gardens in New York City, primarily in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Upwards of $500,000 was granted to restore Baisley Park, 50 Cent’s old neighborhood, in order to create outdoor children’s learning garden and teach kids about eating right.